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January 30th, 2013

11:21 am - January 29, 2013

Near the deadline

2013-01-29 23:05:0

A few days ago I went tot he people oft he Gintoki Harajuku Store    776492

The deadline of the accepting orders receipt will be 1/31   823237

Hurr~y~u~p   880536

zero gintoki 1

zero gintoki 2

Details http://gintoki.jp/

zero gintoki 3

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November 28th, 2012

12:43 pm - November 26, 2012


22:03:40Collapse )

[Zero about his experiences in London :D]

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November 3rd, 2012

03:44 pm - November 3, 2012 #2



This month I’ll go to London 776492

It’s the first time after about 3 years 040 823237

This time we won’t do a live but a talk, so

Hn 040 It’s my turn 040 euh

Altough it’s this kind of feeling… 029 (sweats)

I-I’ll do my best I guess 817839

A nice thing it would be, if I could see a soccer game 040

A perfomance at the event HYPER JAPAN in Great Britain is decided! It introduces Japanese popculture, traditional culture & modern culture!

A performance of Visual Kei and Pop Artists is decided!

HYPER JAPAN 2012 from November, 23rd to November, 25th England - London, Earls Court

2012, 23rd November (friday) 19:20 - 19:50 THE MICRO HEAD 4N'S TALK STAGE (Ricky/ZERO/SHUN.)


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October 26th, 2012

01:00 pm - October 26, 2012

2012-10-26 00:42:49


I got somehow different drinks 776492


Next to the Darth Vader Pepsi

Leopard print (design) zero nosebleed3

Well, I wonder if these are as delicious as I expect 823237

[For those who didn't know: Zero LOVES leopard print and everything with that design, too, of course. Like actually..EVERY Japanese does ûu Once Karyu said he doesn't like leopard print, but strange to say, he suddenly bought some clothes in leopard print design (e.g. a hat) His excuse was, that the shop assistant persuaded him to buy those things because they would fit him XD]

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October 10th, 2012

12:18 pm - October 10, 2012



There’s this kind of vending machine040


Well which sort  (of coffee) should I take 776492

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September 7th, 2012

01:15 pm - September 7, 2012



I used the iPhone function for reading out loud

I made it read my own blog 

It felt a little awkward 

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September 3rd, 2012

12:36 pm - Lyrics and Translation of 'Kono saki zutto'
Hello MyClones!

I came to transcribe and translate 'Kono saki zutto', the last song of Maifo's new album 'A beginning from the end', since I really love this song. The lyrics are beautiful.
I asked kazuya on twitter, if it's okay to post it somewhere so that I can share it with the fans and he said 'Go on!' with a smiley behind, so here I go.

I'm thinking about transcribing and translating some of the other songs. By now, it would be 'I surrender', 'Photograph' and 'Hello My Clone'. If you have a request for another song that you really really would like to sing along or/and that you would like to know the translation, let me know. I'll see what I can do for you ^^

The lyrics under the cutCollapse )

Feel free to use it, but please credit~
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September 2nd, 2012

06:51 pm - THE MICRO HEAD 4N'S Instore Event Report
For those who are interested: I attended an Instore Event in Tokyo. I tried to share the moments.


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June 15th, 2012

02:10 pm - June 15, 2012

To all Mania


02:12:56Collapse )

[Zero talking about the disbandment and Maifo.]

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May 2nd, 2012

09:39 pm - This blog
Hello everyone!!

This community wants to present translations of Zero's ameblog posts! Currently I'm doing this almost on my own, so please excuse the chaos and everything.
It's members-only, because I'd like to watch over the content posted here. I don't want the translations to be posted elsewhere, that's why I'm keeping an eye on it.
Please feel free to join, to read, to enjoy Zero's blog and to comment on the translated entries being posted ^^

I'm also translating Zero's (unfortunately few) tweets on twitter. Feel free to follow @PurpleDeepthink ^^

Currently I still need help, therefore I'm thankful for anyone who wants to give hints, wants to translate or who'd like to work on that page (since I don't understand how I can make this website a bit prettier ><).

Welcome aboard!

Current Mood: excitedexcited
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